María Jesús Bazán

Graphic and multimedia designer, with studies in communication, marketing, and branding. Outstandings abilities on illustration, drawing and painting. Excellent use of colors, textures and materials. I aim to contribute to the professional development of the institution through individual and team work.

Personal information:

Name: María Jesús Bazán Mardones
Nationality: Chilena
Marital status: Single
Phone number: +569 8193-7791

Core Skills:

• Multimedia and audiovisual
• Illustration
• Drawing
• Painting
• Outstanding skills with colors, textures and drawing


• 2017 Comunication Certificacion Course specialising in Marketing and Branding; Universidad del Desarrollo, Santiago.
• College Degree: 2005 – 2010, Graphic Design; Universidad del Desarrollo, Santiago.
• High School: Colegio Santa Catalina de Siena, Santiago.


Other education:

• Illustration workshop by Alberto Montt and Francisco Olea (2016).
• Independent studies in design softwares.
• Drawing teacher assistant, Graphic Design, Universidad del Desarrollo.
• Outstanding performance at drawing and workshop classes while studying Graphic Design, Universidad del Desarrollo.
• Drawing, soft pastels and oil painting independent workshops.
• Rewarded as Honor Student in Arts throughout High School years, Santa Catalina de Siena School.

Work Experience:

(February 2022 – May 2022) Senior graphic designer at Agencia Salvaje. Video animation, multimedia content, design and content creation especially for social media.
• (December 2017 – December 2021) Senior graphic designer, communication department; Lo Barnechea City Hall. Creation of graphic pieces to promote in different media (social networks, advertising posters, banners, giant prints, flyers, diptych, etc). Creation of editorial content, development of originals, mailing management, and dealing with clients.
• (2017 – Independent work) Corporate image renovation for Agrícola La Cumbre. Creation of Brand Style Manual, website design, tags and printed resource.
•(April 2017 – November 2017) Multimedia and editorial Graphic Designer; Papinotas. Branding design, creation of editorial content, dealing with suppliers and budget control. Mailings and multimedia content generation.
•(July 2013 – February 2017) Multimedia and editorial Graphic Designer; Pro Matic Media. Production of graphic and editorial content for business and retail. Creation of graphic multimedia and audiovisual contect for screens. Dealing with clients and suppliers.
• (2014 – Independent work) Corporate image renovation for Sirhan Clinic.
• (April 2012 – April 2013) Editorial and graphic designer; The Factory. Creation of graphic and editorial content, and images for social networks for companies.
• (May 2011 – April 2012) LED Studio, Chile (LEDs screens seller). Creation of audiovisual content for screens, designs for internal usage as stationery and files, catalogs, advertising pieces, support to the website maintance.
• (September 2010 – December 2010) El Living (design and advertising). Professional practice. Creation of infographics, illustrations, flyers,tags, packaging, diptychs, insert, and websites.
• (May 2009 – July 2009) Procorp, Chile, Design (Designs and advertising). Pre – professional practice 2. Creation of test illustrations for tags that would be use on products. Tags designs, and shape studies. Invitation design and game piece (for golfing). Creation of a Foldable user’s manual.
• (December 2007 – March 2008) OWT, Chile, Design (Retail company). Pre – professional practice 1. Creation of beach towels, cushions, and kitchen sets.

Knowledges and others


• Knowledge of Windows and Office, user level.
• Knowledge of Mac, user level.
• Knowledge of Internet, user level.
• Advanced use on softwares: Corel Draw (and derivatives) Autodesk Sketchbook pro, Photoshop, Freehand, Illustrator, InDesigne, Dreamweaver, Flash, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Maya and Cinema4D. Scala Content Manager and Scala Designer.
• Knowledge on pre-press. Creation of originals.
• Knowledge on graphics implementation for LED screens.
• Knowledge of WordPress, user level.
• Knowledge user level for mailing platforms as Sendgrid, Sendingblue and Mailchimp.


• Intermediate English (B1)

Other background:

• Travels to Europe, United States, Cuba, Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Mexico.
• Permanent independent studies on art and drawing.
• Permanent exposition of works and drawings on my websites:

Activities and Interest:

• Painting with different techniques and digital support (tablet)
• Knitting and embroidery
• Go to the theater, exhibitions and cinema
• Read